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In early April, PESA WA Young Professionals in collaboration with ASEG WA organised the first “Young Professionals Speakers’ Night.” The aim of these nights is to encourage the lesser experienced geoscientists to present their work in a welcoming environment and assist their public speaking skills.

We were fortunate to have Amy Millar from Buru Energy present her work, titled “Ungani Oil Field, Canning Basin – Evaluation of a Dolomite Reservoir” which won the Best Oral Presentation in the Energy Section of the AEGC Conference held in Sydney during February 2018. Amy’s presentation was well attended with approximately 40 attendees. Following Amy’s talk, Jordan McGlew talked about her experience of presenting at the AEGC 2018 with more experienced professionals offering up advice for the younger generation.

Simon Molyneux, an experienced oil and gas professional, then got up to talk about his career thus far and how he began his career in the UK with internships with BP and Shell and ending up in Australia as Exploration Manager for Santos. He has now moved on from the majors and started his own consultancy business.

The WA Mentoring Program was introduced by Simon Molyneux as another joint collaboration between PESA WA and ASEG WA. The program aims to create an opportunity for young and junior professionals to increase their capability using the support and guidance from experienced professionals. If you have any questions regarding the program, please don’t hesitate to email

If you are a young professional that would like to present at our next “Young Professionals Speakers Night” or would like to nominate someone to present, please contact Jordan McGlew with your topic at

Lastly, we are currently looking for sponsors to support the PESA WA Young Professionals. If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Kelly Arnett for more information.

We would also like to thank CGG for the use of their facilities for this event. 


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