Sercel launches GPR – ‘a game-changing new ocean bottom node’


CGG has announced the launch by Sercel of GPR, a new Ocean Bottom Node (OBN).

CGG said GPR “leverages the proven high performance of Sercel’s QuietSeis® broadband digital sensor technology to collect superior data for accurate seismic imaging compared to data collected by conventional sensors.”

The company has jointly developed GPR in partnership with BGP.

CGG said the launch of GPR coincides with the continuing growth and maturity of the global node market and further strengthens CGG’s extensive portfolio of innovative products and services, all designed to reduce the risks and increase the success of its clients’ reservoir exploration and development efforts.

CGG added: “Sercel and BGP have drawn on their longstanding partnership and complementary seismic expertise and experience to design, develop and deploy GPR. The new node has successfully completed sea trials and valuable input from BGP from the field has ensured GPR’s performance is precisely tailored to meet today’s industry requirements. It has a compact design and benefits from the fidelity and ultra-quiet performance of QuietSeis as well as flexible deployment options.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: “GPR is a significant addition to CGG’s pre-eminence in the growing OBN market. It confirms our commitment to address evolving industry challenges, and through our equipment, geoscience and multi-client strengths, enables us to deliver a unique suite of OBN solutions to our clients. Sercel’s launch of GPR provides our clients with an advanced new technology to revitalize exploration and production opportunities in basins across the globe.”


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