McMahon opens new chapter with DataReSource


DataReSource has expanded its exploration and geophysical research capacity by appointing senior geophysicist Andrew McMahon to the team.

Andrew joins DataReSource after stints at the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Geoscience Australia, Paradigm and Schlumberger.

DataResource said the extensive skills Andrew has acquired and developed, most notably through his work with Geoscience Australia, would enable him to have an “insightful, well-developed and refined perspective in locating difficult to find or lost datasets. His unique and vast contact network in the oil sector also makes him a valuable addition to the DataReSource team.”

DataReSource specialises in locating exploration datasets that have, for all intents and purposes, been lost to the industry. In many cases, datasets from historical exploration projects have been lost in either their entirety or, in part, through company farm ins and farm outs or changes in government that have disrupted the collection of data that otherwise would be in the public domain.

DataReSource takes requests from companies to locate missing data that is required to complete an exploration program within their acreage. The data requests can be for reports, navigation, seismic, wells or anything in between.

“By utilising our unique insights and experience of past exploration projects, by drawing on the wealth of our network of exploration consultants and by accessing historical acreage ownership information, DataReSource has successfully located hundreds of datasets for clients globally,” the company said in a media release.

As DataReSource locates datasets, it also uploads them to the search engine on its website so that others can locate the data in the future. DataReSource added.

“I am excited to join the DataReSource team and recognise the value and potential that I can bring to an exploration project that is in need of missing data,” said Andrew. “Having been involved in exploration projects in the past, I understand how valuable the service that DataReSource offers can be and I enjoy the challenge of working my way through the matrix of data to find the missing piece a company may need.”


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