AEGC 2018 is shaping as the don’t miss event of the new year


Writing as a passionate Sydney-sider with over 60 years of living in this international city I am very sincere when I say we have been able to arrange some really great social events to support your AEGC 2018 in Sydney during February 2018.

The Committee has been very upfront in focusing on networking and giving members, friends and students the opportunities to catch up, mingle, exchange ideas and concept plays over the 4 days of the Conference program.

One major part has been the social program, where there will be something there for every registrant and exhibitor to attend and get together with like-minded individuals.

The Blue Mountains trip is going to be special. Apart from me being a part time and biased resident of the upper mountains, Jim Austin and his people have sought out and obtained the services of John Pickett a very experienced geologist with considerable experience in the geology of the Blue Mountains and the outer parts of the Sydney Basin.

In these mountains are old silver and gold mines, coal mines and shale mines that provided most of the kerogen to support the energy needs for the State of NSW pre-world war one. The geology is there for all to visualise and the facilities to be visited on the day are excellent, including the light refreshment stop at the Blackheath Golf Course, which is the best course and club house in the mountains.

The Rocks Geology, History and Pub Tour continues to get rave reviews from anyone who ever goes for a tour at this time of the day. The cold beer is great down these old pubs and the history is seriously interesting for anyone who has any interest in where we came from and how we owe so much to our Australian forebears.

We have confirmed that Tom Gleeson, one of Australia’s well respected and appreciated comedians will join us to MC the evening and provide some insights into our industry leaders through his “ïn-house” researchers. We have taken sound advice from previous Conference managers and have dropped the band, exclusively to allow people to hear themselves think and converse with other registrants and exhibitors. We see this as a step forward in improving the focus for networking.

Our Students will be well catered for with a Trivia Night as part of our efforts to increase opportunities for Students to access potential employers and vice versa.
There will be welcome drinks and refreshments as in all previous events for the three bodies, lunches will be of very high standard and the ice cream stands will be very well supported.

What everyone does after hours is your business but our PCO, ICMSA and your Committee members will have plenty of recommendations to suit all tastes. Sydney is a 24 hours city. The limits are only those in your own minds. Come here the music play……………………….

Max Williamson
Joint Chair.


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