Vietnam ‘secretly drilling’ in South China Sea


According to the BBC Vietnam’s Talisman Vietnam, a subsidiary of Spanish oil company  Repsol, has begun an offshore drilling operation in the hotly contested waters of the South China Sea.

Reportedly using the Odfjel Drilling’s Deep Sea Metro I drillship, the BBC quoted Ian Cross, of Moyes & Co, saying that drilling had started on June 21 and the operation was being conducted in secrecy due to “extreme sensitivity”.

China has claimed virtually the entire South China Sea to be within its territory, albeit with its claims encroaching on those of The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brunei.

The China foreign ministry was quoted responding to the issue of Vietnam engaging in exploration and drilling within Vietnam’s southern oil and gas block, saying: “China resolutely upholds its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea, firmly opposes unilateral and illegal oil and gas activities by any country, enterprise or institution in the waters under China’s jurisdiction. We hope relevant country can bear the larger picture of regional peace and stability in mind and refrain from actions that will complex the situation.”


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