TGS announces new 3D multi-client survey off West Africa


Norwegian geoscientist data company TGS has announced that it will commence a new 3D multi-client in West Africa in the early fourth quarter of this year.

TGS said that Jaan, a fully harmonized 3D multi-client project, will cover the southern portion of the MSGBC Basin from northern Senegal, through Gambia and the AGC zone into Guinea-Bissau and down to the Guinea transform fault.

The project will consist of 11,135 square kilometres of new acquisition complemented by the reprocessing and full stack merging of existing multi-client 3D. The new data will be acquired using triple source broadband acquisition. Once complete, the final depth migrated volume will be over 28,300 square kilometers and will completely capture the prospective paleo-shelf edge trend from the shallow to the deep.

TGS said the investment was being undertaken by TGS as operator and majority investor together with PGS and GeoPartners.

Data will be acquired using the BGP Prospector seismic vessel and acquisition will commence early Q4 2018. Data processing will be performed by TGS using its Clari-Fi™ broadband technology.

“The Jaan project will further cement TGS’ position as the leading provider of seismic data in this rapidly emerging basin. This further expansion in the MSGBC basin confirms TGS’ continued commitment to the Northwest Africa Atlantic Margin data, where TGS already has over 50,000 km of 2D data and over 17,000 km² of 3D data,” commented Kristian Johansen, CEO, TGS.


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