Shearwater GeoServices returns to Atlantic Margin for TGS


Shearwater GeoServices has been awarded a new contract by the Multi-Client geophysical company TGS for the second consecutive year.

The contract is for a seismic survey on the Atlantic Margin in the Norwegian Sea which is expected to take approximately three months and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September, 2018.

The 2018 survey will cover 5,135 km2 and will be performed by one of Shearwater’s vessels which will utilize FlexiSource and a wide tow spread.

In 2017 Shearwater acquired 29,500 km2 of FlexiSource data for TGS, including 17,700 km2 for the TGS Atlantic Margin project. The 2018 season will bring the total area shot by Shearwater for the Atlantic Margin project to 22,835 km2.

Shearwater’s CEO, Irene Waage Basili said “the seismic market remains challenging, but we see an increasing interest for Shearwater’s offering and the number of prospects is increasing. Whilst we do not expect a near term dramatic change in the market picture, but we remain cautiously optimistic and expect to see more awards coming our way”.


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