Searcher announces Offshore Peru Multi-client Campaign


Searcher has reached agreement with Perupetro to produce four new multi-client projects as part of its Offshore Peru Multi-client Campaign.

Searcher said this would be the first time any single company has presented the industry with the opportunity to interact with such an expansive collection of “highly enhanced exploration data which will have benefited from modern processing, interpretation and digitising techniques”.

“Confident interpretation, regional reconstruction and play level evaluation will be delivered to participants through the delivery of four new projects; Huayno 2D Pre-Stack Reprocessing, Peru Offshore Rectified Seismic Data on SaismicTM, Peru Offshore Well Atlas and an interpretative report titled Offshore Prospectivity: A Review of Peru’s Offshore Basins.

“Searcher has begun reprocessing 25,700km of vintage 2D field data for the Huayno 2D Pre-Stack Reprocessing project. The regional 2D reprocessing project aims to provide a much-improved, consistent, regional grid covering the offshore basins of Peru, with multiple vintages tying as many wells, leads and prospects as possible.

“The Peru Offshore Rectified Seismic Data is all existing offshore seismic data for Peru, both 2D and 3D, rectified and loaded into Searcher’s new SaismicTM platform for consistent and simple access for explorers.

“The Peru Offshore Well Atlas is comprised of a selection of 63 offshore wells, whose well reports are to be enhanced and organised prior to interpretation including evaluation, risk segmentation and failure/success analysis.

“The report Offshore Prospectivity: A Review of Peru’s Offshore Basins will provide a comprehensive regional play-based evaluation of the offshore basins of Peru based on the interpretation of available public domain data. The study utilizes a multidisciplinary approach with emphasis on geology, geophysics (seismic, magnetics and gravity) and geochemistry for managing ongoing evaluation of the area.”

Rachel Masters, VP of Project Development for Searcher, said Searcher’s entry into Peru shall upgrade the existing offshore Peruvian database with the recent experience gained through similar projects in Argentina, increasing the exploratory appeal to greatly benefit interested explorers.

“Responding to industry needs is at the forefront of Searcher’s business model and offshore Peru is an area of recent increased activity and interest. Offshore Peru offers high impact, moderate risk exploration in shallow water, with high prospectivity in multiple, relatively unexplored basins, together with Perupetro welcoming foreign investment.”

“The Offshore Peru Data Package will be significant in both preliminary and ongoing evaluations, providing the best value proposition for our clients,” Ms Masters added.


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