Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

PESA recognises the importance of privacy protection, and is subject to, and abides by, the provision of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as amended (“Act”). The information you provide to PESA as part of your dealings is defined as “personal information” under the Act.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

PESA reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice. This Privacy Policy was last updated by PESA in November 2013.

Questions about PESA’s Privacy Policy.

If you would like more information about this Privacy Policy, or any other privacy related issue, please contact us.

What information is collected?

The personal information PESA collects from you generally includes your name, address, telephone number/s, email address, employment details and information required to process your membership, and for order processing and to facilitate payment.

All payments are processed on an externally hosted Westpac website, using PayWay Net. PESA does not handle, collect, or store any of the financial or credit card details of persons making payments through the website and hence takes no responsibility for the security of that information. Security of that information is the sole responsibility of Westpac.

How do we collect your personal information?

PESA collects your personal information through a range of sources including the membership application you fill in to join PESA, any subsequent information you provide to keep your information current after joining PESA, as well as information you provide at any PESA related events, locations and functions.
How do we use your personal information?
PESA may use your personal information for a range of purposes including:

1. To provide you with information you request about the events, products or services we offer members.
2. To faciliate payment via the Westpac PayWay gateway for membership dues, event registrations and other products or services.
3. If necessary, to verify your identity and membership status
4. To contact you for PESA direct marketing and promotional purposes including providing you with information about new products or services, events, functions and special offers.

We will also send you electronic messages to inform you about upcoming events, products, and services. By becoming a member you have authorised us to do so. All electronic messages will identify PESA, and an option to unsubscribe from email marketing will be available with each electronic message.

Will PESA give your personal information to anyone else?

PESA will not sell, trade or transfer your information to outside parties.

We take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from risks such as loss, unauthorised access or use, destruction, modification or disclosure. PESA only permits its authorised personnel (members of state and federal committees) and contractors to access your personal information.

Sometimes we may need to provide your personal information to organisations outside PESA. Generally, these are organisations that help us with our business. These may include:

1. outsourced service providers such as our webhost, mailing houses and telemarketing agencies
2. authorised representatives of PESA who sell products or provide services on our behalf
3. insurers and re-insurers
4. payment systems operators (for example, merchants receiving credit card payments such as Westpac)
5. co-branding or branding partners (organisations with whom we have agreements to provide products and services under a different brand name), such as ASEG, AAPG, SEG and SPE
6. our accountants, auditors or lawyers

We strive to limit the information we give these organisations to what they need to perform their services for us or provide products or services to you. We also enter into contracts with these organisations that require them to meet the privacy standards we set for ourselves in protecting your personal information and to comply with the Privacy Act use the personal information only for the specific service we ask them to perform or the product /service that we ask them to provide, and for no other purpose.

Are your personal details secure?

The security of your personal details on the PESA website will depend on both your actions and ours. When you use the website, we require you to take specific measures to protect against unauthorised access.They include, but are not limited to:

1. Changing your password part of your access code on initial access to your personal profile
2. Ensuring access codes given to you and your authorised users are secure;
3. Destroying any documentation we issue containing your access codes;
4. Trying to memorise your access codes;
5. Not telling anyone of your access codes;
6. Not keeping your computer and undisguised access codes together;
7. Immediately telling us if you suspect the security of your access code(s) have been breached.

What are Cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies enable you to log in to the website, access member-only material and us to identify you on return visits. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser to prevent this.