PESA WA April Evening Talk – Rosine Riera


Rosine Riera’s talk outlining her current PhD thesis analyzing the Oligo-Miocene subtropical carbonate overburden of the Northern Carnarvon Basin was very well attended. This was PESA WA’s third evening talk for 2019 and was held at “The George” on Tuesday 30th April. Many thanks to Discover Geoscience for sponsoring the evening and to the University of Western Australia for allowing Rosine to present to PESA WA.

Perth’s first cold evening for the season saw pre-talk drinks and networking at the bar welcomed by attendees. The talk was an excellent review of carbonate depositional environments, presented as sequential time periods and referred back to current outcropping analogues.

We will be back at “The George” on Thursday May 23rd for PESA WA’s next evening talk entitled “Towards High-Frequency FWI as an Interpretation Solution” – presented by Laurence Letki of DownUnder Geosolutions.


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