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PESA WA organised the first student core workshop on the 21st of October 2016 at the DMP Core library, with the aim of providing the opportunity to PESA student members to view, learn, discuss and familiarise themselves with sequence stratigraphy and core logging, writes Marlene Woligroski.
This event was planned and coordinated by students from Curtin University (Victoria Seesaha and Jordan McGlew) and University of Western Australia (Matus Kovac and David Hu), through the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Curtin Student Chapter and the PESA UWA Student Chapter.
With 17 PESA student members in attendance, from undergraduate to PhD level, this half-day course proved to be a very educative and fun session. We received very good feedback at the end, some even mentioning that the workshop has contributed immensely in their understanding of core logging interpretation.
The course focused on deep water reservoir and seal sequences of the Barrow Sub-basin, from a continuous 500m core section from the Gorgon CO2 Data Well. The instructors, who kindly volunteered their time to teach and lead the workshop were Ishtar Barranco (Senior Development Geologist from Chevron), Marla Garcia (Petrophysicist from Chevron), Cesar Orsini (FMI Image Specialist from Chevron), Amely Allgoewer (Ichnologist, Sedimentologist and Stratigrapher from MGPaleo) and Joao Keller (Structural Geologist from CSIRO).
The students were provided with seismic data, FMI images, wireline logs, core descriptions, instructors, core logging manual and other useful references. The instructors provided a good explanation on the information that each data can provide, on how to correlate them with the cores and on how to draw upon them to have an integrated interpretation of the mass transport processes on deep water settings.
PESA WA would like to kindly thank the instructors for their time, and gratefully acknowledges the student initiative to start and continue with these types of events which engage our student members with the industry. The event was free for our PESA student members, who could not attend the NWS Core Workshop earlier in September.
To support this leading initiatives, the PESA WA committee would like to seek student sponsorships to promote this type of event while encouraging students to engage with other PESA events.
We would like also to thank the DMP and the personnel at the Core library for their help.


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