PESA Membership Awards

PESA Distinguished Membership Award & PESA Meritorious Service Award

PESA Distinguished Service Award
The PESA Distinguished Service Award (DSA) recognises an outstanding long term commitment to the Society (including leadership and involvement in Committees), the profession and to the upstream industry. It is the highest honour bestowed on an individual member by the Society. A recipient of the DSA becomes a Distinguished Member of the society and has all the rights of an Active Member but shall not be required to pay any subscription.

Normally, not more than one Distinguished Service Award shall be made in a single year and that an individual can only receive the award once. Recipients of a DSA will receive a suitable inscribed certificate and medal.

PESA Meritorious Service Award
The PESA Meritorious Service Award (MSA) recognizes who voluntarily provide exceptional service to PESA at State or Federal level over a significant period of time.

Normally, not more than three Meritorious Service Awards shall be made in a single year and an individual can only receive the award once. Recipients of the MSA will receive a suitable inscribed certificate and medal.

State Branch Committees nominate candidates to the Federal Executive. Both awards will not be awarded more frequently than annually at a ceremony at the PESA AGM, held at the APPEA Conference. If in the opinion of the PESA Federal Executive suitably qualified candidates have not been nominated, consideration of the awards shall be deferred until the following year.

Recipients of these awards must be members of PESA.

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Past PESA Distinguished Members

1972 Earl Abbott (deceased) NSW
1973 Charles Martin (deceased) SA
1973 Heli Wopfner SA
1975 Rees Withers (deceased) VIC
1976 Ken Horler (deceased) NSW
1980 Murray Johnstone (deceased) NSW
1980 Reg Sprigg (deceased) SA
1981 Dave McDonald QLD
1986 Dick Dumbrell QLD
1987 Bevan Devine SA
1989 Richard Paten QLD
1990 Jaap Poll WA
1991 Douglas Guest (deceased) NSW
1991 El Horstman (deceased) WA
1993 Ted Moorcroft (deceased) SA
1993 Leo Stach (deceased) VIC
1993 Eric Webb (deceased) VIC
1994 Eric Rudd (deceased) SA
1995 Bob Laws SA
1995 Adrian Williams WA
1998 Rodney Brown QLD
1998 Peter Jamieson NSW
1999 Bob Day QLD
2000 Eve Howell WA
2000 Andy Rigg NSW
2000 David Gravestock (deceased) SA
2001 Phil Playford (deceased) WA
2002 Wal Muir QLD
2004 Ian Grierson NSW
2013 John Draper QLD
2014 Barry Goldstein SA
2015 Marita Bradshaw ACT
2017 Sue Slater QLD
2017 Max Williamson NSW
2017 Gordon Wakelin-King VIC/TAS
2018 Steve Mackie SA/NT

Past PESA Meritorious Service Awards

1998 Jim Durrant WA
1998 James Prater SA
1998 Deidre Brooks VIC/TAS
1998 Gregory Thomas NSW
1999 Mark Stevens WA
1999 Naz Saunders SA
2000 John Gorter WA
2000 Andy Pietsch SA
2000 John Humphrys SA
2001 Rowley Butters WA
2001 Elinor Alexander SA
2002 Brian Logan WA
2002 Robert Frears SA
2002 Colin Glazebrook VIC
2003 Peter Purcell WA
2003 Robyn Purcell WA
2004 Barry Goldstein SA
2004 Peter Bailie WA
2005 John Mebberson NSW
2014 Bev Butters WA
2015 Phil Cooney NSW
2015 Barry Smith NSW
2015 Bevan Warris WA
2016 Ed Kopsen WA
2016 Don Poynton WA
2016 Steve Moss WA
2016 Myra Keep WA
2018 Wendy Rhonda QLD
2018 Sandy Menpes SA/NT
2018 Cedric Griffiths WA
2018 Simon Brealey SA/NT
2018 Alex Ross SA/NT

PESA Fellow Membership

This is open to active members who have 15 years or more petroleum industry experience who have, in the opinion of the Federal Executive, achieved prominence in the petroleum industry.


2018 Barry Smith NSW
2019 John Warburton NSW
2019 Simon Smith QLD


PESA Federal Postgraduate Student Awards

2016 Natalie Debenham Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide
2017 Amy I’Anson University of Sydney