Mosman Oil and Gas granted one-year permit extension


Mosman Oil and Gas has welcomed a one-year permit extension for a prospect in the Amadeus Basin in the Northern Territory whereby the Sydney-based company has been granted a 12-month suspension of year three work-program commitments.

The company has also been granted a corresponding extension of the permit term.

“This is exactly the decision Mosman had sought and now the company can move forward with the 2D seismic acquisition, seismic processing and interpretation and exploration well planning,” Mosman said.

The company said the work program was already progressing as it had contracted a seismic acquisition contractor and had completed field trips during 2019 to assess the terrain and logistical requirements for the seismic survey.

The company said it was working closely with the seismic contractor to finalise submissions for approvals to acquire seismic. An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been prepared and submitted to the NT Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for a final review.

“The next vital step will be the completion of a survey by the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) to ensure no areas of cultural significance will be disturbed by the planned seismic activities,” the company said.


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