Leigh Creek Energy operations breakthrough unlocks huge reserve


Leigh Creek Energy (LCK) has extracted commercial quantities of synthetic gas (Syngas) at its former Leigh Creek coal mine site for the first time.

In a development touted as a “boon for the South Australia”, Leigh Creek said the milestone achievement provides the company with the data and evidence it needs to have a portion of its ‘resource’ gas deposit just north of Leigh Creek in the state’s far north, upgraded to gas ‘reserve’ status.

“The upgraded status will enable the company to access SA’s largest gas resource for commercial development outside the Cooper Basin.

“The production success also makes LCK the first company to successfully operate in-situ gasification technology in SA,” Leigh Creek added.

LCK Managing Director Phil Staveley said the company’s milestones mark the success of the Pre-Commercial Demonstration facility (PCD) operations at Leigh Creek.

“We have now achieved all our stated objectives for the PCD,” Mr Staveley said.
“These are significant milestones that unlock a large energy resource and captures key data that proves and validates this disruptive technology will be successful in a commercial application.

“This data will enable the Company to quickly move toward upgrading a portion of its current resource to bankable reserves, a key step that is required for the Company to progress to commercial operations.”


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