Kevin Hill’s course on Structural Geology for Petroleum systems


PESA WA was lucky enough to be able to persuade Kevin Hill to travel across to Perth in order to give us a 4 day training course on structural geology. For the group who attended this was a solid learning experience covering techniques and examples that helped us rethink the way we go about interpreting.

Throughout the 4 days, we covered structural examples from extensional regimes, compressional, strike slip, and also salt. This was accompanied by numerous hands on exercises where we determined growth sections and fault timing, reactivations, and may other methods of understanding the data.

With structural examples both from outcrop, and seismic we were able to visualise all of the scenarios, and Kevin made sure no one was left behind, with many examples being solved with a round the class step by step solution, keeping everyone involved with answering the problems.

We thank CGG for allowing the course to be hosted in their ground floor training room, which allowed for plenty of space, and a free reign for a variety of catering choices.

Thanks also to TGS, whose donation of a stand-up paddle board to be sold by silent auction at the winter warmer event funded several student places to be made available at an affordable rate.


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