Frogtech uncovers early rift architecture in Gulf of Mexico


seebase gom 2Frogtech Geoscience has launched the first commercially available regional interpretation of basement architecture for the Gulf of Mexico, revealing pre‐salt Triassic Jurassic rifts that the company believes will pave the way for a new and improved understanding of Gulf petroleum systems.
Frogtech said in a statement that the Seebase Gulf of Mexico study is the first commercially available regional interpretation of the Gulf of Mexico basement covering all Mexico and US permit areas, incorporating a hand contoured 3D model of the depth and geometry of the Gulf basement.
The Canberra-based compant said the study provides important insights on the basement involved structural control on both primary salt deposition in the Gulf, its subsequent mobilisation, and the distribution and thickness variations of Jurassic source rocks.
The new interpretation was made using Frogtech’s proprietary potential field geophysics interpretation process, incorporating both gravity and magnetic profile modelling. This unique process overcame the known challenges of mapping detailed basement architecture below the significant salt bodies that exist across the Gulf.


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