Frogtech announces study for Iran blocks bid


Frogtech Geoscience has announced the release of a trademark ‘Seebase’ study of Northern Iran and the Greater Caspian leading up to the 2017 Iran Bid rounds.

The Canberra-based company said the study and GIS “provides comprehensive coverage of the National Iranian Oil Company’s exploration blocks, representing an essential foundation data set for play based exploration enabling companies to bid with confidence.

“The study is the first cross-border detailed interpretation of basement architecture covering the geopolitically and geologically complex Northern Iran and Greater Caspian regions, revealing among others, Permo-Triassic rifts in Central Caspian (Scythian-Turan platform),” Frogtech said.

“This study echos the Black Sea Seebase study to provide a regional coherent structural and geodynamic model of the Northern Iran and Greater Caspian region, and to give valuable insights into the basement-involved structural and rheological control on basins development.

“Although the Northern Iran and Greater Caspian region has a long history in hydrocarbon exploration, there is no clear structural and tectonic model in which you can place basin formation and petroleum systems.

“Complex geology and compartmentalised information are often seen as one of the key obstacles. The study enables to understand more clearly the tectonic evolution and build a single consistent geodynamic and basin model that links together the different geological and petroleum provinces.”

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