Beharra Springs into life with a gas discovery


BEACH Energy has reported a new gas discovery at the Beharra Springs Deep-1 well in the Perth Basin and told the ASX that it had delivered a net gas pay of 36 metres across the Kingia sandstone.

Beach, operator and 50% interest holder in the licence with Mitsui E&P holding the balance, said the Kingia Sandstone reservoir was comparable to Waitsia-4 and preliminary interpretation had indicated reservoir porosities of up to 21%.

Wireline activities are continuing, after which the well is expected to be completed for production testing over the coming weeks.

The well was drilled to a total depth of 4,170 metres and intersected a 65-metre thick reservoir interval of the Kingia Sandstone at a depth of 3,935 to 4,000 metres, with estimated net gas pay of 36 metres.

Beach said that no gas-water contact was encountered in the well. Wireline logging data indicates average estimated porosity of 14.5% (up to a maximum of 21%) across the net pay interval. Gas sampling and analysis is currently being undertaken.

Beharra Springs Deep-1 is located 16 kilometres south of the Waitsia-4 well and 15km south west of the West Erregulla-2 well.

Following the completion of wireline evaluation and production testing activities, Beach will complete an assessment of the recoverable volumes at Beharra Springs Deep, the company said.

Beach Managing Director Matt Kay commented: “Perth Basin is a key growth asset in the Beach portfolio. The result at Beharra Springs Deep is further validation of the Basin’s conventional gas potential within the Kingia formation.

“Our near-term plans include the expansion of Waitsia Stage 1, reaching final investment decision on Waitsia Stage 2 and acquisition of the Trieste 3D seismic survey over the coming months to high grade a number of prospects and leads as future drilling candidates.

“The location of the Beharra Springs Deep-1 well, 450 metres from the Beharra Springs gas processing facility, provides an opportunity to conduct extensive deliverability testing whilst commercialising a portion of the gas.”


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